About us

Founded in 2011, Romanian Center for Comparative Migration Studies (Centrul pentru Studiul Comparat al Migratiei/CSCM) is a think tank officially connected to Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and which investigates and directs applied projects around an extensive catalogue of topics concerning all stages of migration and its dynamics.

> DIASPOlitic (2016-2018) – in collaboration with and funded by the Norwegian Research Foundation, the University of Oslo and Peace Research Institute Oslo.

> Romanian Center for Migration Research (2016-2018) – in collaboration with LADO, IIT, Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and General Inspectorate for Migration.

> Romanian Center for Migration Studies and Social Integration (2019 -2021).

> European Pact for Integration – in collaboration with PATRIR and Cluj-Napoca city hall.

> Children Left Behind by Labor Migration: Supporting Moldovan and Ukrainian Transnational Families in the EU (as partner).

Our team consists of members who are actively involved in policy-related projects and who frequently publish well-regarded, valuable books and scientific articles in prestigious international and national publishing houses, as well as reputable academic journals.

The center has generated a positive impact on understanding the effects of international migration on both countries of origin and destination, civic involvement, transnationalism, and other migration-related topics.