About us

Romanian Center for Comparative Migration Studies (Centrul pentru Studiul Comparat al Migraţiei) was established in 2011. Starting with 2013 it is affiliated at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Center deals with topics such as the effects of international migration on migrants` countries of origin and destination, forms and dynamics of international migration, transnational migration, and dual or transnational citizenship. International migration has become a mass phenomenon in the Romanian society, causing major social changes. Different evaluations place the Romanian migration among the highest in the European context. This makes the study of migration to become an opportunity to analyze the changes that occur in the Romanian society, the context and content of an Europeanization process from ‘top to bottom’ exerted by Romanian migrants, European citizens, which experienced both ‘home’ and ‘abroad`. The members of the center deal with studies and researches regarding the effects produced by the international migration in the countries of origin, destination of migrants, with the analysis of forms and dynamics of international migration; with the study of transnationalism in migrantion, of the dual citizenship and transnational citizenship. They have published books and articles in prestigious foreign publishing, in top journals in the field of migration, sociology, political science and regional studies.